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Food Science


Being a part of the Popcorn Board team, I get lots of questions from children.  By far, the single most FAQ (frequently asked question) comes from children seeking answers to questions they have for a science fair project.  And while I’m happy to help, I also encourage them to first read through our Web site (www.popcorn.org), do a little ground work, and then experiment.  What’s more fun than popping up bowls of popcorn in the name of science?

Popcorn is a great choice for a science experiment since it has a unique talent in the food world: its ability to pop.  Half the fun of popcorn is watching it turn from a hard, little yellow seed into a white fluffy treat. Few foods take such a dramatic turn as popcorn does while it’s cooking. Standing in the kitchen waiting for your popcorn to finish, an awesome spectacle is unfurling before you. (more…)